Get Organized and Stay that Way

So, my garage is a mess. I’ve tried several times to get it in order by myself with no luck. Whenever I step out into it, I feel stress and shame that I haven’t been able to deal with it completely. Your business IT should never be that way. While there are times networks and PCs cause stress this shouldn’t be the norm.

The first step to getting organized is clear communication. Clearly outline your organization’s needs and goals to your MSP. Whether it’s about network security, software updates, hardware maintenance, or any other IT aspect, ensure your MSP understands your specific requirements. Then, maintain open and regular communication with your MSP. Schedule periodic meetings to discuss your IT infrastructure, ongoing projects, and any emerging needs. This helps in keeping both parties aligned and informed.

If your MSP uses a ticketing system, make sure you use it consistently. When you encounter an issue, create a ticket, and include all relevant information. This helps in tracking the status of the issue and ensures nothing gets overlooked.  Collaborate with your MSP to provide training to your team members. This could include cybersecurity awareness training, best practices for using IT resources, and guidelines for reporting issues to the MSP.

Discuss your IT budget and future plans with your MSP. They can provide insights into the costs associated with different IT initiatives and help you allocate resources effectively. As your organization grows, involve your MSP in discussions about scaling your IT infrastructure. They can offer advice on technology upgrades and expansions to support your growth.

Getting a full organized picture of your businesses IT will help you make better decisions for your future with the help of your MSP.

On the next episode how a local MSP can save your business money.

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