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Data Security

Data Security for Alaska Businesses

Protect your hard-earned success with top-quality data security solutions.

You dedicate so much time and energy to building your business and the last thing you want is for a cyberattack to risk your success and impede your dreams.

That’s why North Tech Group offers dedicated data security solutions to help keep your business and your data safe.

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Your Data is

Protected & Secure

What sort of data does your business need to protect?

We do business in a world where everything is accessible online, including your business’ data. Your information might be stored on-site, in the cloud, or both. Businesses have many different types of information that needs to be protected, including:

Keeping you safe with specialty products & services

Cybersecurity is constantly changing to protect against the newest threats. We have partnered with WatchGuard, a global organization specializing in security solutions for small businesses, and Deep Forest Security, a trusted Alaskan business that specializes exclusively in providing active data security services, including monitoring HIPAA compliance, PCI (Payment Card Industry) Data Security Standards and more.
With these partnerships, North Tech Group is proud to offer an incredible all-in-one solution for keeping your business’ information safe. This includes protecting your systems and information by defending your business from threats, detecting potential breaches, and responding to cyber-attacks.

Learn More About Data Security

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Customized solutions for your needs

For hardware, network solutions, firewalls, VPNs, remote worker security, and more; North Tech Group is your one-stop shop for secure data.

From installing simple end-point protection for small businesses to providing top-tier 24/7 security monitoring, we tailor your security so your business gets exactly what you need. We provide cybersecurity solutions for Alaskan businesses ranging from small hotels to oil field support services.

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