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Help Desk

The first point of contact for all your IT needs

IT help is here

We can help with anything from fixing a printer or troubleshooting a computer issue, to implementing cyber security for your business
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Network IT

Reliable network IT solutions for businesses small and large.

Reliable Network IT Solutions

Our network IT solutions help you stay connected and productive no matter where you are.
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Emergency Support

Emergency IT Support available 24 hours per day and 365 days.

Access IT Experts

Internet crashing? Email problems causing loss of business? POS system failing? We can help.
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Data Security

North Tech Group offers dedicated data security solutions.

Keeping your Data Safe

We can help protect financial data, client data, medical records and internal data.
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Cloud Solutions

We offer world-class cloud solutions for all of Alaska.

Reliable Cloud Based Access

From installing mobile-friendly email to running all your business processes in the cloud, North Tech Group can help
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Hardware Solutions

We have laptops, network gear, printers, servers and more.

Meeting Alaska's Business Needs

Work with our experts to choose the hardware solution that meets all of your business requirements.
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Everybody likes to save money, especially if you’re a business owner. A local MSP can help you do that. If you are thinking longer term.

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Has your business ever been hit with a fine because it was out of compliance from one of regulatory bodies, and if you maybe had

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We’re IT service experts... and we are local!

Comprehensive tech service team with decades of experience.

Friendly and responsive customer service.

We are a local IT partner for many businesses across Alaska and look forward to providing fast and friendly service for your team as well.

At NTG, when you call one of us, you get all of us!

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