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Cloud Solutions

From installing mobile-friendly email to running all your business processes in the cloud, North Tech Group can help your business benefit from the advantages of cloud-based solutions.

Gain innovative functionality with secure, reliable cloud software and storage that you can access from anywhere.

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Microsoft 365 tools including Outlook and Teams

Secure Cloud Backups for your Business Data

Microsoft Azure

Desktops in the cloud


WatchGuard Advanced Endpoint Protection

Gain Improved Security And Disaster Recovery

It might feel safer to keep your data on an on-site server, but it’s likely more secure when stored in the cloud. Businesses, like Microsoft, pour millions of dollars into keeping their data centers secure from the latest threats. Cloud solutions can be accessed from anywhere, so you can keep your business up and running even if a disaster keeps you out of the office or physically damages business property.

Take Advantage Of Reliable 24/7 Mobile Access

As an Alaskan business, we know that slow internet can be a concern for many Alaskans considering cloud-based solutions. The wonderful news is that internet connectivity has improved dramatically in Alaska and even businesses in smaller communities now have fast enough connections to reliably access cloud-based software. Whether you’re in Anchorage or Kotzebue, cloud solutions can help your business (and your remote workers) succeed.

Learn More About Cloud Solutions

North Tech Group offers a tailored strategy to meet your needs. We offer cloud-based collaboration tools, like Microsoft 365 Suite, for remote users.

We can assist with a gradual transition of your data to the cloud, or maybe you have sensitive internal data that should remain in your office. Whether you want a hybrid or purely cloud-based approach, we can help.