Digital Workspace Hygiene

Have you ever used someone else’s PC and their desktop is a jumble of files on top of one another and 10 folders with the name “new folder”, or maybe this is your desktop. Some struggle with the ability to delete files, I see it all the time, but this can hinder productivity and cause a lot of confusion.

Keeping your PC files cleaned up is essential for maintaining a well-organized and efficient system. Cluttered files can slow down your computer’s performance, make it difficult to find important documents, and take up valuable storage space. Offloading the files to an external device can help with the anxiety of deleting files. I have a few clients that keep an external hard drive around for this purpose and when it’s not in use, they store it in a safe. Keeping files cleaned up on your business PC not only improves productivity and data security but also contributes to a smoother operation overall. A tidy digital workspace leads to a happier and more productive team.

Anther tip is to establish a consistent file organization system. Create a logical folder structure with clear naming conventions that align with your business’s needs and workflows. Encourage employees to save files in designated folders to maintain consistency. Regular file audits are crucial. Set specific times to review files and delete any obsolete or redundant ones. Use backup systems to securely store essential files, ensuring they are protected and readily accessible.

While there are many important details I’ve shared today about keeping your digital workspace clean and efficient, there is one that I must highlight and really emphasis. Please don’t use your recycle bin as a storage space for important files. Most people might see this as ridiculous, but it happens, and it usually results in a bad situation of lost files that should have just been stored properly.

On the next episode let talk about your mental cyber hygiene.

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