Know Your Cloud

We’ve learned more about how the cloud works in the previous episode. The cloud is an asset for many businesses, especially for those that have remote workers or those that work in the field more than the office. The ability to have all files and some application access wherever you are is something we only dreamed about when I was a kid. I very much remember the seemingly fantastical concept videos that allowed people to start watching a video on television and switch it to their other devices or easily sharing of files with a quick tap.

Because of our reliance on the cloud these days, we must also be safe with our files. This means having a backup solution that will also backup and keep safe all your critical data. Never just expect the cloud provider to care for your data. There are several applications or backup devices that will link to your cloud repository to pull down the most up to date data but if those seems too expensive then it would be best to manually get those most critical documents.

Know what you have in the cloud and what services you use. We sign up for so many services and while we may have a main space where we store the majority of our files and photos, it’s good practice to take stock of the services we use on at least a yearly basis to either cancel or learn how to back up the data stored. And as always, don’t give any service more then you should, keep private info private.

On the next episode how’s your hygiene?

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