More Email Security (Filtering Systems)

This is Two Minute Tech Tips, I’m your host Lester Steward. In this series we are discussing Business cybersecurity and what you need to know to protect your business.

Email filtering systems have been around for a very long time to varying success. My first filter was bundled with an installed antivirus, and it worked fine, most of the time it just really slowed down my PC when it scanned my inbox. The process wasn’t perfect and spam or phishing emails seemed to squeak by. But at that time the threats weren’t very sophisticated and simply depended on a person’s trusting nature to get any money out of them.

Now of course we need to worry about even clicking on an email because it will report that click back to the malicious actor or advertiser. This is why filtering systems that intercept the email before they even reach your PC are crucial. I would rather a suspect email be quarantined, and I need take the extra step to release it from the filter, then the email makes it to the inbox and get clicked.

Proofpoint is a good example of a filtering service that doesn’t live or depend on your PC. A great feature of this service is you can get a summary of what emails were blocked just to make sure you don’t miss anything. There are several third-party filtering systems available so with some research other reputable options can be found.

It’s cumbersome to need all these protections just to safely communicate but knowing your emails have been thoroughly scanned and vetted brings an amazing peace of mind.

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On the next episode I’ll be discussing the need for an uninterruptible power supply on critical infrastructure.

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