Step Two to Zero Trust Network

This is Two Minute Tech Tips, I’m your host Lester Steward. In this series we are discussing Business cybersecurity and what you need to know to protect your business.

Attacks to a business network are inevitable. An owner or IT professional should never consider themselves the anomaly, even if they’ve never been attacked it will happen. Putting all the protections and strategies they can in place will help prevent an attack when it occurs.

The main reason for setting up a zero-trust environment is to keep unwanted attackers from being able to fully take over the network in one fell swoop. The security experts at WatchGuard say, “Internal network segmentation acts as an additional layer of defense to your perimeter security. For example, if an outside attacker breaches your network perimeter, segmentation helps to confine the breach because the attacker cannot traverse segments to connect to your entire network.”

Segmentation is creating layers of access inside a network. An example of network segmentation is when an office has several departments that need to keep their files and communications separate for both security reasons and keeping excess traffic low. This segmentation can be achieved using a firewall and VLANs which we’ve discussed in past episodes.

Together with least privilege, segmentation of your files and network access will keep things on the network separated and make it difficult for an attacker to gain full access, this also creates more layers of security that a bad actor would need to penetrate before they could reach the whole network. 

On the next episode I’ll continue outlining the steps to achieve a zero-trust network with the subject of logging and authentication.

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