Tips to Identifying Scam Emails

I’ve spoken about email security many times on this podcast and will talk about it many more times. It’s very important to be aware of this threat and how to protect yourself and your business. It takes effort to train a staff or yourself how to recognize a malicious email.

According to the Federal Trade Commission there are patterns to watch for when presented with an email. Number one is a general email greeting like “hello sir” or “Dear Customer”. Other potential red flags are asking to click a link to update financial info or telling you the account is on hold.

Ways to protect yourself from these threats is to have virus protection on all devices you can, keep your software updated and enable multi-factor authentication when you can. While these ways to protect yourself are good, the best overall protection is don’t click links on an email you don’t recognize. If I ever get an email asking to update my financial info, I’ll go straight to the webpage and check instead of clicking on the link, the few extra seconds has saved me more than once.

I’ve said many times before, it’s sad that we are forced to adjust the way we deal with emails, and we will continually need to adjust as artificial intelligence starts to play a role in the email scams. Try your best to stay aware of the threats around you and info those you can of danger.

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