Your Kids Cyber Hygiene

This episode is more personal than business. Last week I spoke about cyber hygiene and how important it is to have a routine to keep clean. Kids are similar but as parents or guardians we need to assist children with their daily hygiene until they understand their own care, we need to help them with their cyber hygiene and make them aware of the dangers of ignoring the routine. And it’s a chore to get this done, my younger son doesn’t want to brush his teeth or take a bath most of the time but if he doesn’t then there are long term issues that affect him and everyone around him.

Technology is only going to get more integrated into our daily lives and as my kids get older and use tech more, I’m going to do my best to set them on the right routine to stay safe. Anywhere I can I have parental controls setup, and that is for two reasons, to track their usage so they don’t become addicted and to keep them safe from any outside attacks or influence. The parental control systems are never perfect, so it’s always a good idea to keep tabs on the content your kids are consuming.

I advise talking with your kids consistently about their electronics and internet usage, making sure they know how to stay safe. If your cyber hygiene is good, chances are this is something you value and the kids will follow that example.

On the next episode some electronics hygiene?

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