Backup Business Internet

Backups are important for a stable business. Whether that is data backups, power backups, or even internet provider backups.

Recently many partners in our town experienced a large-scale internet outage that lasted most of one business day. Because of how entangled businesses are with internet services, most couldn’t do any work, this means loss of revenue for the business and some even sent employees home, which puts a strain on employee paychecks. It’s inevitable that the internet will go down, so we should have a backup strategy in place to prevent losses.

Having a backup internet provider is a great option for most. Here in our office, we have two connections coming in from different ISPs and when you have a next-gen firewall system in place like we do, there is a failover feature that knows when one connection is down and will automatically switch, most of the time with no interruptions. The most recent outage from our main ISP didn’t prevent us from supporting our partners.Of course, adding another internet connection adds another expense in the ever growing list of expenses a business has and the business owner will need to evaluate if the potential loss outweighs the new cost. Ultimately, a business needs to be prepared for any type of outage that could result in a loss of revenue.

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