Business Cybersecurity – Part 1

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When leading a successful business in this age of constant cyber threats there are several steps to ensure the safety of your clients, your employees, and yourself. We can no longer sit back and say “well, I just don’t know computers” or “I’m not tech savvy”, we need to educate ourselves and constantly be asking the question, “is my business network secure”?

This Two Minute Tech Tips podcast series will help get things started with education on business cyber security. Cyber security has to do with your whole network, inside and out. This includes how you use email, the internet, applications on your internal network and keeping those services as limited as possible so an outside attack can’t get anywhere on your network.

Email is the number 1-way cyber criminals get access to your data. You or your employee may see a harmless email telling you you’re entitled to some money or have won a prize you didn’t even enter but those are paths into your company or personal life. Cyber criminals will try many tactics to get your info or discover that the email is just active. Many times, just clicking on that unread email is enough to alert the sender this is an active email address. Oh, and good luck blocking these messages once they discover the email is active, they will just change the sender and it will end up in your inbox again.

So, how do we keep this from happening? How do we keep ahead of these people that constantly change tactics to steal your info? Will this frustrating process end? And the hard answer is, no. This problem will never go away. So, we as business leaders must do everything we can to keep ourselves safe. And having a local IT provider like North Tech Group, who can come along side to educate staff as well as monitor and mitigate threats will ultimately decrease how often those threats occur.

MFA or Multi-factor Authentication also has a big impact on security. The principle of MFA is to authenticate with something you know and something you have. The something you know is usually a password or PIN number and something you have is a phone or fingerprint. MFA does take another step to sign into accounts and it’s frustrating that we have to go to these lengths to protect our accounts but sacrificing some convenience for better security is well worth it.

A philosophy that has gained traction lately in the cyber security space is called Zero Trust. As the name implies everything inside or outside can’t be trusted, the network should be constantly authenticated or criticized. For instance, what users need administrator rights to the network or what accounts even need to access the internet inside the business network. The purpose of this philosophy is to resist becoming complacent about network security.

These ideas I just spoke about are a good start to getting ahead of cyber criminals. It’s going to take everyone in a leadership role doing their best to keep vigilant and resist the phrase, “this is how we’ve always done it”. If you need any further information on these subjects, please let North Tech Group know by visiting our website

Thanks for joining me for Lester’s Two Minute Tech Tips, helping you keep safe in your tech world.

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