PC Components: Storage

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While RAM is the most important component for performance and the CPU is directing all the info, the most important component overall is the storage drive because this is where everything important to you is stored. From those once in a lifetime photos, to the sensitive documents that must be kept safe.

Personal PC storage has evolved as the demand for performance and space has increased significantly. I remember my first ever PC had a 1 gigabyte hard drive that was very slow. Modern PCs need at least 20 gigabytes to install the operating system, in just over 20 years the demand has skyrocketed.

The two most used types of modern storage in a PC are Hard Disk Drive (HDD) and Solid-State Drive (SSD). The HDD uses spinning platters and an arm that reads and writes the data at various speeds depending on the drive capabilities, these drives have the advantage of space. If you need to store a lot of data, then an HDD is the way to go. For speed the SSD is the most capable solution, they use no moving parts so many points of failure of the HDD are removed. If you\’re buying a new PC, make sure it has an SSD, space is still more expensive than an HDD, but the benefit of speed well outweighs the lack of space, and to supplement that lack of space an external drive can be purchased, or a cloud  storage option could be used.

Again, storage is the most important thing in your computer, and you want to have a good experience and plenty of space to store your important files. So, make sure you pay very close attention when you purchase a new computer.

On the next episode I’ll be discussing how the motherboard brings all the components together and Graphics processor.

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