PC Components: Motherboard and GPU

This is Two Minute Tech Tips, I’m your host Lester Steward. In this series we are discussing Business cybersecurity and what you need to know to protect your business.

Computers should just work right? They should wake up when you need them and just do their job. But often this doesn’t happen, and we’re left with frustration and are unable to get work done, of course these issues only seem to come up when you need your PC the most. These issues happen because there are so many components trying to work together in harmony and if one small piece gets out of sync, it causes issues with the whole PC.

The motherboard brings the whole PC operation together. This is the road system for all the information to travel, it doesn’t direct any traffic only allows it a path to where it’s told to go. A motherboard can take many shapes and sizes depending on the use case. When purchasing a new prebuilt PC, the motherboard is never much of a concern, but if you’re building your own this becomes a very important decision and can affect all the other components that are purchased so it will all fit together.

Graphics Processing Unit (GPU) shows what your PC is directed to do on a display. Some CPUs have a built in GPU but those tend to be less powerful than a discrete GPU. The amount of power needed from a GPU depends on what you are trying to do, if all you need to view are basic office applications then not much power is needed but if you like to play the latest video games on the highest settings then you need a beefy GPU and with the extra performance the costs go way up.

If you are looking through the lens of a small business you’ll give little thought to these components, while critical to the PC, they go un-noticed unless there is a hardware malfunction.

On the next episode I’ll be discussing the riveting subject of power and cooling systems.

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