Set Your Business I.T. Up for Success

Your business needs technology. In this modern era a small business can’t thrive without a solid infrastructure. Businesses need to set themselves up to adapt, stay secure and be streamlined.

I believe your top priority is to employ the experts in technology with a managed service provider. Success is having people around you that are more experienced, and an MSP would be those people. We can help you understand your needs and how to look forward to the future. How to see danger and prevent bad actors from infiltrating your network. Partnering with an experience MSP will easily setup a small business for success.

Always be planning toward the future with I.T. Don’t get those off the shelf PCs that will fail or be obsolete in three years, spend the little bit extra and be setup for five or more years. Technology inside a business is an investment and to get the best return on that investment buy quality stock. No off the shelf network equipment that’s meant for home use, get that $500 plus dollar network switch because it will last way longer and allow much more throughput so you can be more productive more often. And being secure with tech takes money, a good next-gen hardware firewall will pay for itself, I’ll talk more about that next episode.

Once you have your network infrastructure setup and deployed, understand it. Hopefully you’ve employed and MSP or reliable in-house IT department and while they should know every single tiny detail of the infrastructure, as the business owner you should have a great understanding of it as well. I understand that you have many more things to tend to, but technology is the backbone of most small businesses, don’t let it break.

On the next episode let\’s talk about next-gen firewall systems and their incredible advantages.

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