PC Components: Build Quality and Series wrap

This is Two Minute Tech Tips, I’m your host Lester Steward. In this series we are discussing Business cybersecurity and what you need to know to protect your business.

Build materials vary wildly between parts manufacturers. The better-quality materials the more expensive the price, this is more of a factor for mobile devices since they’ll be more prone to moving around. Desktop PCs should be well built but most of the time don’t need to worry about drops. For desktops, focusing on the quality of the components inside is more worth the cost.

Laptops and other mobile devices should be built to withstand lots of movement. I remember my first ever laptop in college, it wasn’t anything special and the best my parents could afford at the time but after about two semesters the hinges for the screen broke and the screen fell off. I’m sure it was mostly my fault for not taking care of the darn thing like I should’ve, but it was a very comical sight having the bottom part of the laptop connected to a desktop display writing a term paper in the college library.

Build quality matters and should be considered while making your purchase.

So we’ve spent the last several episodes discussing the individual parts of a PC in brief terms and now is time to order your new PC. Take care when looking at all the specifications and don’t make any choice without making sure your confident in the quality. I’m not going to say specifically what parts to look for or certain numbers because they always change. One thing I will say though, make sure the new PC has a solid-state drive, a traditional HDD is not good for your primary OS drive. Also know that if a price seems cheap, then the PC is probably cheaply made, don’t be afraid to spend a little money to get the quality.

Whether you’re an Apple OS or Microsoft Windows fan, or for some reason run Linux, look at quality for longer lasting PC.

On the next episode I’ll be starting a series discussing investing in different IT infrastructure for your business.

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