PC components: PSU and Cooling systems

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I know when I start most of these most recent episodes, I explain how a component is “critical to the operation of a PC.” But there are two elements to any PC that are generally unseen or thought about and that is the power supply unit (PSU) and the cooling system.

A PC needs electricity to power on or charge the internal battery. A PSU controls that flow of power to the motherboard which distributes the power. Higher end PCs will have a separate connection to the graphics card for extra power. When purchasing a pre-built PC, the PSU won’t be a concern but if you are looking to build your own, consult the power requirements for the individual components.

Because the PC uses electricity and creates a current, this causes heat. PC manufactures do their best with heat management, but most PCs will have multiple fans and heat syncs to pull heat away from the critical components. Some laptops have started to become so efficient they don’t need fans, the laptop I’m writing and recording this podcast on doesn’t have a fan and it runs great, with little heat generated. Of course, tablets and phones generally don’t have fans installed.

When it comes to the cooling system it’s always a good idea to check the inside of your PC a couple times a year just to make sure dust isn’t chocking up the system. Heat is the ultimate enemy to any PC and will quickly shorten the life of the components.

On the next episode I’ll give some advice about building materials that make the best PCs and discuss what a good PC build looks like for a small business.

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