Your Business needs a Reliable IT Partner

I am amazing, as an IT professional I can swoop into your business and make all your internet or PC issues disappear. I can give the peace of mind that there’s a protector always watching over you. I’ll even fight for you against other tech providers to ensure you get what you pay for from them. I make life working with tech better in almost every way. I’m your partner and only want your business to succeed.

Alright, I really talked myself up in that last paragraph, but it’s all true. Half the battle with an MSP is finding the right fit, I work at a smaller MSP and am able to really develop a relationship with the partners I help. Many of them live in the same town as me, so I see them out with their families and that make it easy to relate to them or start a conversation. The best situation you can look for in an MSP is a local one that understands your area and the other services you might use.

When you find that one great MSP, hold your partner accountable. MSPs should understand all your tech needs and be able to fulfill them to the best of their ability.  It may be prudent to have your MSP send out a summary of what they accomplished for your business during the year and where they think you should be heading with your tech the following year.

The long and short of this episode is get an MSP that doesn’t just want to take your money, get an MSP that is truly interested in growing together.On the next episode let’s talk about the life blood of tech, electricity.

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