Clean Out the Dust

Dust, it’s everywhere and gets into everything! To keep dust out of PCs and maintain their optimal performance, there are several effective tips to follow. Firstly, placing the PC in a well-ventilated area, away from dusty environments, can significantly reduce the amount of dust that enters the system. Keep the PCs off the floor or […]

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Cyber Hygiene

Healthy personal hygiene is important. If we don’t maintain it our health will decline, and we may even drive people away. Cyber hygiene is similar, maintaining it will keep our lives healthier and we won’t infect those around us. Hygiene is easiest to follow when you maintain a routine and use the right tools. Train

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Know Your Cloud

We’ve learned more about how the cloud works in the previous episode. The cloud is an asset for many businesses, especially for those that have remote workers or those that work in the field more than the office. The ability to have all files and some application access wherever you are is something we only

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Explaining the Cloud

The cloud is a visible mass of condensed water vapor, no “the cloud” is a representation of the internet and data storage on servers that are located all around the world, these servers are located on land and not in the air like regular clouds. The name can be confusing but the concept for the

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Backup Business Internet

Backups are important for a stable business. Whether that is data backups, power backups, or even internet provider backups. Recently many partners in our town experienced a large-scale internet outage that lasted most of one business day. Because of how entangled businesses are with internet services, most couldn’t do any work, this means loss of

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