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Two minute tech tips for the business leaders who want to understand what they need when it comes to cyber security.

Dust, it’s everywhere and gets into everything! To keep dust out of PCs and maintain their optimal performance, there are several effective tips to follow.

This episode is more personal than business. Last week I spoke about cyber hygiene and how important it is to have a routine to keep

Healthy personal hygiene is important. If we don’t maintain it our health will decline, and we may even drive people away. Cyber hygiene is similar,

We’ve learned more about how the cloud works in the previous episode. The cloud is an asset for many businesses, especially for those that have

The cloud is a visible mass of condensed water vapor, no “the cloud” is a representation of the internet and data storage on servers that

Backups are critical. (Pause for effect). Let me say it again, (slowly) Backups are critical! It’s not really difficult to make sure you have a

I’ve spoken about email security many times on this podcast and will talk about it many more times. It’s very important to be aware of

Do you like quality products? Do you expect to get quality service for your hard-earned money? Then here are some considerations when choosing an Internet

Backups are important for a stable business. Whether that is data backups, power backups, or even internet provider backups. Recently many partners in our town

Technology needs electricity to operate, I just blew your mind, right? Here is another profound statement, electricity is dangerous and can cause harm to people

I am amazing, as an IT professional I can swoop into your business and make all your internet or PC issues disappear. I can give

Layers of security inside a network ensure the best possible protection against bad actors or any intrusion. You can’t depend on your local internet service